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Situated in the heart of London, Armalon is a British firearms manufacturer which has been at the forefront of innovation and engineering for over 30 years. Continuing the groundbreaking work begun at Practisport, Peter Sarony's family firm provides a comprehensive service for new and experienced shooters alike. Whether you're looking to buy a new gun, customise your rifle or simply find out how to get the best out of your equipment, Armalon has the solution for you. 

As a trained pistol shooter and practical rifle champion whose original customizations have led to overwhelming demand from his fellow shooters, Sarony is well suited to understanding and meeting your firearms needs. Having moved from the original Old Bond Street premises to a purpose-built showroom, workshop and test range in Marylebone's Harrowby Street, his company is now ideally placed to continue its design development as well as to undertake gunsmithing and customisation work. 

Moreover, to cope with increased product demand the company has expanded into Oxfordshire, having acquired the Parker-Hale barrel manufacturing plant and other machinery necessary for it to be self sufficient in the production of its own small arms and accessories. From individual items such as muzzle-breaks and hammer-forged barrels to the complete rifle, Armalon’s increased capability guarantees you high quality British engineering at an affordable price.

Many of Sarony's original, specialised products and accessories are already in production, examples of which are:  

The company welcomes enquiries for contract work for other original equipment manufacturers, dealers and end-users.


Directors: Peter PB Sarony (Managing) Dip.Arch.,ARIBA., J Anne Sarony
Registered Office: 44 Harrowby Street, London W1H 5HY
RFD No: 1544 Metropolitan
VAT Reg No: 404 4359 73