Armalon Adder Pistol

Armalon Adder .45ACP Pistol

The Armalon "Adder" pistols are offered in various configurations, finishes and levels of sophistication. The basis is a super compact slide plus regular width chassis housing single column mags, with the option of a staggered mag type high capacity receiver.

The narrow chassis may be supplied to full length or as a short frame for Officer’s Model length mags, extendible to accept full-length mags using the Armalon combined grip extension/mag. funnel component.

A unique dual chamber compensator may also be added, together with the Sarony patented ‘Perfector’ dual action recoil spring guide and buffer. In combination these are amazingly effective in reducing felt recoil and muzzle flip, whilst facilitating a rapid cyclic rate. Even with the twin-port comp fitted and its integral Messerschmidt type full contact barrel bushing, the Armalon Adder maintains the full tapered profile and maximum size of a regular Government Model.

Even the basic models incorporate closely fitted and merged beavertail grip safety, chequered steel mainspring housing, EDM ring hammer and matching wire cut sear, extended ambidextrous thumb safety and slide lock, ‘Big Head’ mag button, wide trigger tailored in length to the user’s preference with anti backlash set screw, low profile fixed or adjustable sights with optional tritium ‘Lynx’ low light illumination, and more.

Adders may be built to allow the user to change rapidly between the available configurations.

Only top grade materials and production methods are used, consistent with the master craftsmanship required to produce each pistol.

Polished or matt finishes in stainless or carbon steel may be selected, together with other options such as blackened stainless or electroless nickel finished carbon steel components.

Product Type: Pistol
Licence: Section 7(3)

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