Armalon-Sarony PC Gallery Rifles

These unique compact bolt-action rifles combine the rugged reliability of the Enfield No.4 action with the convenience and economy of quick detachable magazine feeds in the most popular centrefire handgun calibres. They are available in original oiled beech woodwork with optional cheekpiece or with Monte Carlo style ‘ATI’ polymer stocks. These have gained a reputation for accuracy and adaptability, not only at the usual shorter pistol range distances but also out to 200 metres or more, as appropriate to each calibre.

As with the WWII de Lisle No.4 derivative, the Armalon ‘PC’s have a completely redesigned action. The PC’s shrouded bolt head and additional stabiliser improve ejection by means of the hinged ejector. Mag wells and latching arrangements are engineered for rapid deployment of the appropriate handgun type magazine, either using the standard mag latch push button or the optional ambidextrous speed latch designed to operate from an extended trigger finger.

The cock-on-opening Match Trigger option is highly recommended, as the mechanical advantages of the triple lever sear arrangement and shortened striker throw result in a crisp, clean, light and rapid trigger action.

The standard calibres range utilises staggered column magazines in 9mm, .38 Super, .40S&W, 10mm and .45Acp, plus others such as .41AE to special order. The magnum calibres range used modified Desert Eagle type magazines and include .357 and .44 Mag, plus others such as .41Mag and .50AE to special order only, but currently no plans to manufacture these again.

Product Type: Rifle
Action: Bolt Action
Licence: Section 1

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