Sarony EasyCam 

The EasyCam assembly is designed to be fitted in place of the common manual cocking handle that attaches to the bolt carrier through an elongated ejection port and instantly transforms manually operated AR type rifles by providing a hugely increased mechanical advantage that ensures even the highest pressure cartridges may be easily cycled by the user.  With the EasyCam fitted, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8SPC, .308Win and other high pressure calibre AR15 type manually operated rifles should no longer  present hard extraction problems after firing. Instead, with a simple rearward pull on the cocking handle the fired case should retract from the chamber and eject freely and easily.  Release of the retracted handle allows the bolt to rapidly close thereby re-cocking and recycling the action on the next round fed from the magazine.

Product Type: Accessory
List Price £138.00
Calibre: Various
Licence: None

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