The Armalon PR is a high precision magazine fed bolt action rifle. It consists of an extensive re-working of a Remington 700 series rifle, and has achieved a high degree of success in competition.

Armalon first produced this rifle in 1988 in 7.62/.308 calibre, the 5.56/.223 and other calibre options having been added subsequently.

For 7.62/.308 and similar sized cartridge calibres, the ‘PR’ rifles use a modified M14/M1A pattern magazine, whereas the 5.56/.223 versions use similarly re-modelled AR15/M16 magazines.

Bolt handles may be re-engineered to accept the user’s choice of a variety of different sized interchangeable ball or radiused knobs.

A forward LSW pattern handle may be added, which, together with bi-pods and fixing studs or other Anschutz type accessories may be attached via an optional rail fitted into the forend of the stock.

The magazine release is arranged on all variants as a push forward latch in front of the trigger guard and behind the magazine. The M14 style mags, and the Mini 14 style used on the BLR ‘PR’s also latch onto a sprung ball at the front.

Whilst the Armalon conversion may be carried out on any of the factory stocks, usually the ‘PR’ rifles are supplied with one of the H-S Precision composite stocks. These have an integral high strength 7075 alloy CNC’d skeleton chassis and bedding block encapsulated within the carbon fibre, Kevlar and GRP outer shell structure of the stock. Other patterns of stock may also be used and supplied, including the Choate ‘Plaster’ in ABS with aluminium bedding blocks, or the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS). The Choate Plaster stocks are machined to accept the Armalon trigger guard and mag latch system in either calibre. The AICS 5-round only mag system may also be replaced by Armalon’s ‘PR’ mag latch system so as to accommodate the 5, 10 and 20 round .308/7.62 mag options, each with the proven forward latching arrangement.

Barrel fluting

This highly specialised procedure, when correctly applied to roto forged barrels, can result in a rifle that is not only lighter, better balanced and easier to carry and use, but will retain the stiffness and advantages of shot to shot consistency associated with the heavier profile barrels. The increased surface area produced by the deep flutes improves heat dissipation from the barrel, which thus tolerates higher rates of fire with consistent performance.

Mirage band

These quick attach/detach featherweight stretch fabric bands may be employed to avoid mirage distortion by deflecting the heat rising from the barrel. They also very successfully reduce problems caused by steam from the barrel misting the optics in wet conditions. The rifle’s inherent accuracy is not disturbed by the Armalon mirage band system.

Muzzle brake

These are available as an option, and are specific to each calibre. They are particularly beneficial for the 7.62/.308 and other high energy calibres. The felt recoil and muzzle deflection on firing are reduced significantly, such that the scope picture of targets is not lost between shots, and the fall of shot is more visible. Recoil bruised shoulders are eliminated and any juniors, ladies and those of lighter build who suffer the effects of recoil may enjoy even lengthy shooting sessions without discomfort when the Armalon muzzle brake is used.

Match Successes

Since their launch these rifles have been phenomenally successful and popular, with an ever-increasing record of competition wins to their credit. For example, the UK ‘PR’ Nationals’ NATO Services Championships (perhaps the most gruelling and testing of all disciplines on competitors and their equipment) in 1999, saw the top three places awarded to competitors using .308/7.62 Armalon ‘PR’ rifles! In the PR2000 Nationals, the first and second places in the same competition were once more awarded to the service professionals using Armalon ‘PR’ rifles. However, this time the clear winner not only triumphed in this Match, but also the Minor Calibre Aggregate, using an Armalon ‘PR’ rifle in .223/5.56 calibre.

Product Type: Rifle
Action: Bolt Action
Calibre: Various
Licence: Section 1

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