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Please read these Terms and Conditions before using this site. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions stated here. Armalon may vary the Terms and Conditions of use of this site without prior notice, so please check these conditions for updates each time you use the site. In addition to the above, by using this site you agree to be bound by UK Law concerning all aspects of the use of this site, and concerning all transactions that arise from use of this site.

UK Firearms Legislation

Current UK legislation requires that firearms and ammunition be sold only in person. No element of the content of this site constitutes prior agreement on the part of Armalon Ltd to supply any firearm or ammunition to any user of this site. All eventual transactions arising from use of this site are governed by UK legislation.


All content of this site is for information only. Reasonable efforts will be made to keep the content up to date, but no guarantees are made in this respect. No liability can be accepted by Armalon or anyone connected with Armalon for any errors that may lead to incorrect prices or descriptions of products.

Links to external sites

Links to external sites exist within this site. Armalon has no control over the content of these external sites, and in no way guarantees the accuracy or suitability of the content of such external sites.

Limitation of Liability

Neither Armalon nor anyone connected with Armalon can be held liable for any loss, direct or consequential, that may occur as a result of using this site.

Restrictions on the use of the content of this site

The content of this site is for the personal use of clients and potential clients of Armalon. You may not copy, reproduce or distribute it in any form, other than to download and print pages for your own information. Any material that you download in this way is still subject to copyright protection. No content of this site may be stored in a database of any kind.


All intellectual property rights relating to this site and its content are reserved by Armalon for its exclusive use.

Restrictions on linking to this site

Armalon welcomes the creation of authorised links to the home page of this site. However, in recognition of the potential damage that could occur to Armalon's reputation if this site were to be associated with another site of unsuitable content, you may not create un-authorised links to any part of this site. If you would like to create a link to this site, please contact Armalon by email to obtain prior agreement to the link. By establishing a link of any kind to this site, you agree to be bound by all Terms and Conditions for the use of this site.

Restrictions on deep linking to this site

Deep linking is the practice of establishing links to pages other than the home page, which may ordinarily be a number of levels into the heirarchy of pages. Deep linking leads to the display of pages out of their normal context and, given the legal issues associated with the firearms trade, Armalon will not normally agree to the creation of deep links into this site. You may not create deep links into this site without prior agreement from Armalon.

Restrictions on framing this site

Framing is the practice of displaying part or all of one site within another. This creates a strong perceived association between the framing site and the displayed content. Armalon will not normally agree to the framing of any part of this site. You may not frame any part of this site without prior agreement from Armalon.

Use of this site from outside the United Kingdom

The content of this site may not be appropriate for access from outside the United Kingdom, and therefore this site may not be available for use from outside the United Kingdom. You may not use this site if doing so would be in violation of local legislation, or if local legislation would conflict with any of the Terms and Conditions for use of this site. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with this condition.